Take Action For Equality


Equality Maryland is joining Western Maryland residents in urging NBC25 to stop airing a daily segment featuring rabidly anti-gay James Dobson from Focus on the Family during their morning news broadcast. Focus on the Family is a radical religious organization that touts their ability to “heal” and “change” gays and lesbians into heterosexuals through it’s “ex-gay” ministry. All major medical and mental health associations in the United States agree that sexual orientation is not something that one can simply change. These mainstream psychological associations also believe that “reparative therapy” is psychologically harmful.


Equality Maryland aspires to be a clearinghouse of information, as well as a voice for the LGBT community and our allies.   In order to accomplish this, we need couples and families who are willing to share their stories and speak out for equality. Please send us a JPEG photo along with a brief blurb about how you and your partner met and any hardships you have faced because your relationship is not recognized by the State. Let us know if you are willing to be contacted by local media. Please submit all items to info@equalitymaryland.org  


Equality Maryland House Parties

House parties are a wonderful way to generate much-needed revenue for Equality Maryland’s advocacy and educational efforts. With our house party kit, we can help you shape an event that will work for you. An ideal event should contain a strong grassroots push, be fun for the organizer and attendees, and raise some money for our efforts in Annapolis and across the State. Whether you raise $2,000 or $200, the important thing is to take action!

TransEquality Maryland

This committee of Equality Maryland is working to promote greater understanding and equality for transgender individuals on the city, state and county levels. Send an email to info@equalitymaryland.org to get information about the next meeting.

LGBT Marylanders of Color Collective

This committee of Equality Maryland is comprised of LGBT activists of color and allies who are working to make a difference in changing hearts and minds in communities of color through visibility, education, political advocacy, and grassroots organizing.

Development Committee

Like to raise money? Want to chair some of Equality Maryland’s upcoming fundraisers? Then join Equality Maryland’s development committee and help sustain an organization that is working tirelessly to create positive change for LGBT Marylanders and our families. To learn more, send an email to contact@EqualityMaryland.org .

General Volunteer Efforts

Equality Maryland need volunteers for a host of other activities as well, from development activities to envelope stuffing to working a booth at Pride. Please consider filling out a volunteer form and submitting it to us.